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About City Herbal Care Laboratories



We want to empower the common man with the purity and safety of Natural Medicine and to provide safer solutions to different ailments through our innovative, cost-effective and par-excellence quality products that exceed customer expectations while preserving our entrepreneurial stance.



City Herbal Care Laboratories has been operating in Pakistan for more than 6 years now with a strong marketing and manufacturing base. Over this period, by the grace of God Almighty, we have achieved fast growth and have successfully launched very popular and renowned brands through our hard work, determination, experience and commitment.

Our products have been able to grasp the attention of consumers only because of the fact that we have always given priority to quality and that is our 1st key success factor. We believe in providing consumers for their health and beauty care, the right product, in the right presentation, at the right price.

I truly believe that the success of the company is because of my dedicated and devoted employees who have always supported the company in its thick and thin. I deeply appreciate their efforts and feel proud to have them as an asset of the company.

Our steadfast commitment towards the timely delivery of quality Health and Beauty care products to our customers from healthy and safe working environments remains resolute in the future as well.



CHCL has a comprehensive range of products which have been developed after extensive research. The company has achieved huge success in this short span of time. Incorporated on 24th September, 2003, today, CHCL continues to be the fastest growing herbal company in Pakistan enjoying brand leadership position for various brands.

The noble thought to serve humanity was generated by Mr. Sabir Abdul Majeed, the Chief Executive of City Herbal Care Laboratories. Operational expertise, industry insight, and an appreciation for innovative products are the hallmarks of Mr. Sabir Abdul Majeed. His vision and customer-centered focus have guided the company's continuous success as one of the leading Herbal product manufacturer in Pakistan. He has spent more than 20 years in Pharmaceutical business and handled diverse portfolios that have helped him understand the dynamics of businesses and market trends.

The idea behind City Herbal Care Laboratories is to provide exceptional quality products at an affordable price to serve masses. Therefore all products developed under the umbrella of CHCL are designed to meet the varying needs of consumers and offer the best in terms of quality.

The most popular and recognized brand of City Herbal Care Laboratories is “Herbi Fair” Natural Herbal Beauty Mask. It is the first locally manufactured Facial Mask in Pakistan. Launched in 2003, with the certification of PCSIR Laboratories, the product has seen substantial growth and now enjoys leadership position in the facial mask category. Herbi Fair is the 1st Natural Herbal Beauty product which has been certified by the PCSIR Laboratories, Govt. of Pakistan for Quality & Safety. This shows our commitment for quality & safety profiles.

The popularity of this brand amongst its target market has led us to win the Brand of the Year Award in 2009. We at CHCL take the privilege to announce with honor that Herbi Fair is the first Facial Mask to get such a prestigious award and we owe this only to our dedicated customers.

Another renowned brand of our company is SERNE which caters to the health care segment. Serne Ispaghol Husk, Serne Crack Cream, Serne Inhaler, Serne Vaporun, Serne Prickly Heat Cream, Serne Analgesic Cream, Serne Itch Cure Cream, Serne Pilocure Ointment, Serne Mosquit, Serne Nappy Rash Cream, Serne Kalonji Oil, Serne Use It for Toothache, Serne Medibox all come under the umbrella of SERNE. Over the years the name of “SERNE “has become a symbol of quality and reliability. 

We pledge our customers that we will continuously work to develop innovative products and improve processes to better serve the various needs of our valued customers.



The CHCL manufacturing facility is located at one of the largest Industrial area of Karachi i.e. Federal B. Area. The factory is well equipped with highly sophisticated and latest state-of-the-art machines and instruments qualifying the national as well as international standards

The company adheres strictly to the principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), resulting in high standards of production, quality, safety, occupational health and environmental control. The laboratory has facilities to undertake R&D activities as well, along with quality assurance. The educated and experienced staff involved in the R&D has knowledge of science of herbal ingredients and medicines, and so they are involved in creating and producing natural medicines for City Herbal Care Laboratories within the legal restraints and self imposed social responsibilities. We ensure that every product bearing the name of City Herbal Care Laboratories is safe, effective and has the highest international quality standards



Quality is our foremost priority at City Herbal Care Laboratories. We don’t make any compromise on the quality of our products and we believe that it is the only reason for our success in such a short span. We feel proud to announce that we are the 1st Herbal Product Manufacturer having the certification of PCSIR Laboratories

Affordable price:
Our motive is to serve humanity with our natural products; therefore we have always strived to maintain a price which is easily affordable and gives the customers maximum value for money.

Innovative products:
The quest to come up with Innovative products compels us to work hard and strive for new and innovative ideas to meet the needs of customers. 

Complete Customer Satisfaction:
The Company’s philosophy of complete Customer Satisfaction has evolved into a commitment to manufacture products that can satisfy customer’s needs completely. The philosophy of City Herbal Care Laboratories is:

  • Gain new customers
  • Retain present customers
  • Regain former customers and,
  • Satisfy all customers

Employee Centered:
We believe that employees are the most important asset of organization therefore we believe in building strong relationships with our employees as well as with our business partners.